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About Us

We established the foundation of Papelex Forest Products which we inherited from our family by combining our knowledge and experience about woodworking and formed plywood production with technology in 2012. We supply fast and high-quality products and semi-finished products to many companies both in our country and abroad. Our products are mostly used by chair seat manufacturers, office chairs and automotive industry.

Trees are processed in our raw wood processing plants located in 4500 m2 open and 2500 m2 closed area in Sinop and we convert the processed trees into quality products in accordance with current demands in our factory located in Inegöl with 3000 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open area. We are growing up on this road. The best feedback which we desire in our products has always been customer satisfaction. They are our most important missions to work harder to produce higher quality products and to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction.

We constantly update our industrial facilities using technologies such as cnc, robot arm and automation systems in order to not give up our mission. We are aware that a machine used for the right purpose reduces errors to the lowest levels and makes human work easier.

We will continue to reply to the demands of our customers at the highest level by making all the efforts in order to do our job properly.